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The Show:

"Tim The Magician" continues the magical journey of illusion in the Washington DC metro area, with shows that are visually exciting and fun. Shows include strolling, close-up, and stage-show magic which feature:  


        - Sleight-of-hand and card flourishes                 - Illusions    

        - Small animal production    

        - Comic bi-play with magician’s assistant

Bring a unique spark to any event. Watch the faces of audiences young and old come to life with wonder and laughter as they are mystified and entertained by the amazing magic and illusions of TIM’S TRICKS IN MOTION! 

Art of Magic Workshop:

Tim Kottcamp brings years of teaching experience to his "Art of Magic" workshop for children, teenagers, and the elderly.  In addition to teaching and inspiring many “would-be” magicians, this course fosters the development of presentation skills, stage personas unique to each performer and self-esteem.


Tim has provided this fantastic workshop as part of school and summer camp programs and in the form of private lessons, showing young people how to create their own brand of magic, illusions, and individualistic styles.


This workshop is perfect for seniors, strengthening hand-eye coordination, facilitating social interaction and allowing for the opportunity to handle and care for small animals used in shows.


The "Art of Magic" workshop may be tailored as a single class or a series of classes.  Call now to book an exciting show or instructional program at 410-258-2581.

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